Straciatella (Egg Drop) Soup


• Raw eggs (one per person)

• Canned chicken broth

• Fresh raw spinach, chopped into small pieces

• (Optional) slices of toasted Italian or French bread

Crack one raw egg into each soup bowl. You can use local North Fork eggs - one of the few local ingredients available year-round. I like to use the Ty LLwyd eggs, on Sound Avenue in Mattituck, which is not far from my house.

In the meantime, heat up the chicken broth until it's really hot: boiling. Add the chopped fresh spinach and cook for about a minute.

Ladle some of the hot broth into each bowl, covering the raw egg with the hot liquid.

Now here's the trick. The hot liquid will cook the raw egg a bit, but I find that it doesn't really cook the egg enough – the egg white is still very raw. So I put each bowl of soup into the microwave for about 30 seconds or a minute – just enough to cook the white a little more, but the yolk stays soft.

It's good with a piece of Italian or French bread toast floating in it too.