Camille’s Restaurant Named ‘Top Mafia Restaurant’ in America

Some things never die.

Like wiseguys in a good witness protection program, or vendettas. And, apparently, the longtime Mafia legends associated with one of Providence's best-known Federal Hill eateries.

So when the food-minded folks at The Daily Meal, a popular food-centric Web site named "The Top Mobster Restaurants Around the Country," Providence's Camille's made the short list.

The landmark Italian restaurant keeps company with a dozen of the most notorious wiseguy haunts in the country, from Chicago's Green Mill (think Al Capone) to Fort Lauderdale's Cafe Martorano (owned by the nephew of former South Philly mobster "Long John" Martorano).

Author Valaer Murray's take on Providence's contender?

"Hipsters can check out a real speakeasy in Providence, RI - Camille's, which has seen many a famous face, whether a made man or a Hollywood leading man," she writes. Murray reminds of Camille's early days in 1914, and its rise to celebrity for making illegal booze and serving it to customers during Prohibition. "In addition to Presidents and celebrities," writes Murray, "it has been visited by members of the New England mafia, including the late Providence mob boss Raymond L.S. Patriarca."