Capone’s Soup kitchen

Capone’s Soup kitchen: Frantic to clean up his image as the best known gangster in the world, at the onset of the great depression, Al Capone opened a free soup kitchen at 935 S. State Street in Chicago. (The site now houses a parking lot) The outdoor sign on the place read “Free Soup, Coffee and Doughnuts for the Unemployed."



This excellent and nutritious soup is a godsend for using the stale bread that must never again be thrown away. It is composed of bread crumbs and grated bread, eggs, grated cheese, nutmeg (in very small quantity) and salt, all mixed together and put in broth previously prepared, which must be warm at the moment of the immersion, but not at the boiling point. Then place it on a low fire and stir gently. Any vegetable left over may be added.