Italian man adopted black cats he later cooked and served to friends

A man who was thought to be giving black cats a good home turned out to be a cat cook! The 50-year-old from Brianza was adopting the felines — often "meaty" and around 3 years old — from a nearby shelter. He would then kill and cook up the animals before serving the meal to his friends.


An Italian man was thought to be a cat lover, but it turned out he was adopting black cats like the one above so he could cook and eat them — and serve them to his friends.
He appeared to be the perfect animal lover.
By adopting 15 black cats from shelters, volunteers assumed he was just a kind-hearted gent giving the needy mousers a good home.
But cops now believe the 50-year-old from Brianza in northern Italy was in fact killing and cooking up the cats — before serving them to his friends for dinner.
Il Mattino reports that the suspected murderer took in the cats — which always had to be "meaty" and around 3-years-old — over several months.
By apparently doing a good deed, he managed to avoid calling attention to himself.
The man was adopting the cats from shelters in Lombardy, Italy.
But refuge staff became suspicious when the married dad-of-two refused to have routine checkups on his new pets.
Thinking he could be part of a sect targeting black cats for sacrifice, officers from animal rescue charity AIDAA raided his house.
They allegedly found him preparing to kill a cat he was later going to eat.
Il Mattino reports that the man confessed to having eaten other cats in his care.

Arrested and charged with animal abuse, he faces up to 12 months in jail if convicted.