Spanish pizza chain La Mafia sparks outrage in Italy

A BUSY chain of Spanish restaurants has sparked outrage in Italy for its Mob-themed eateries and odes to The Godfather.
There are 34 La Mafia outlets across the country, adorned with images of the Sicilian Mafia’s most notorious killers.
The only thing missing is horses heads on the menu
But Italians are furious that the Spanish chain is cashing in on the infamy of the Mafia.
“Can you imagine what would happen in Spain, if Italy opened a pair of restaurants dedicated to terrorists from ETA,” insisted crime journalist Attilio Bolzoni.
“Or what would happen in Germany if in Rome they opened breweries with sausage and sauerkraut in honour of the Red Army Faction?”
Spanish diners however have been easily seduced by La Mafia’s pizza and pasta dishes with bosses planning to add another 15 restaurants to the chain’s roster over the next year.
The Spanish business has also boosted its marketing efforts, giving itself the slogan ‘The Mafia creates work’.
This is not the first time a restaurant has exploited the notoriety of the Mafia.
Last summer an Austrian café named its sandwiches after famous victims of the Italian mob. The decision sparked a diplomatic incident between Roma and Vienna