Recipe to die for: Tangy tomato tango

·         120 gm pasta sheet
·         25 ml olive oil
·         50 gm tomato, roasted
·         50 gm asparagus
·         50 gm white onion
·         2 gm salt and pepper
·         60 ml pomodoro sauce
·         5 gm basil
·         10 gm garlic
·         10 gm parmesan cheese
·         2 gm parsley
·         2 gm rocket leaves

·         Take a pasta sheet and cut it into small triangle. Roll it to make a tube-shaped garganelli pasta.
·         Blanch it al dente and cool it in ice water. Drain it and mix with olive oil.
·         Heat the olive oil in the pan. Add some roasted garlic, white onions and cook till it becomes tender.
·         Add pomodoro sauce, fresh basil and the seasoning and add the pasta and the roasted tomato in the sauce. Toss properly so that the pasta is evenly mixed with the sauce.
·         Garnish with some rocket and parsley leaves and add some parmesan cheese and serve it hot