Grilled Eggplant With Mozzarella Cheese

The body of Tommy Protheroe lies outside his apartment house in Sunnyside, Queens, where he and his female companion, Elizabeth Connors, were shot by gangsters

•           3 large eggplants, about 1 1/2 pounds each
•           1 ¾ pounds tomatoes, sliced thinly
•           1 ¼ pounds fresh mozzarella, in 1/4-inch slices
•           1 bunch fresh basil leaves
•           Salt and freshly ground pepper
•           3 tablespoons olive oil

1.         Cut the stems off the eggplants. Slice each eggplant lengthwise into four even pieces. Rub some of the olive oil over the slices and season well with salt and pepper.
2.         Lay tomato slices over six of the eggplant slices. Place basil leaves over the tomatoes. Lay mozzarella slices over the basil leaves. Coat with remaining olive oil and make sandwiches with the remaining eggplant slices. Wrap well in heavy-duty aluminum foil.

3.         Place the eggplants over the grill and cook for about 30 minutes, turning occasionally, or until the eggplants are cooked thoroughly and the cheese is melted.