Pumpkin gnocchetti

Serves 4-6
pumpkin or squash flesh 800g, cut into pieces
egg 1 large
sugar 1-2 tsp
salt and freshly ground pepper
plain flour about 150-175g
unsalted butter 75g, melted
grana padano or parmesan grated

Put the pumpkin in a large pan with 500ml water. Cook over high heat with the lid on for about 15 minutes until soft. Take the lid off and let all the liquid evaporate. Then mash to a paste with a potato masher and return to the hob, stirring over a high heat to dry it as much as possible. Add the egg, sugar (Italian pumpkins are sweet), salt (it needs a good amount) and pepper, and work in the flour beating vigorously.

Make dumplings by dropping the paste by the tablespoon into boiling salted water – grease the spoon with oil and use another spoon to push it off. When the dumplings rise to the top, let them cook a few minutes longer, then lift them out with a slotted spoon, drain and serve with melted butter and grated cheese.